Set Different Default Printer For File Type or Program Running

There are times when you may have multiple printers connected to your computer and you would like to set different default printer to print different documents and files. In such a case you can actually set different printer for printing files of different types as per your preference.

Automatic Printer Switcher is a handy utility that automatically switches the printers by monitoring the window that you are currently working on. This tool is extremely handy when you have multiple printers attached to your computer and need them changed with the type of work you want to print.

Once you have installed the program, you will need add the program running and define the default printer to be used for that program, you can do this by clicking the add program button on the lower left of the application.


Once you click the add program button, you will see a new window which will show the current running program.

add program printer

Add the program and then you can change the default printer for that program by clicking the change button on the application interface.

Download Automatic Printer Switcher

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