Set Default Layout Style For Images Insert In Live Writer Posts

We have been using live writer beta for some time now to write all the posts for this blog, it has come with some amazing features about we had talked about, you can read our live writer tips section to know more.


One of the most amazing feature which came up with the latest windows live writer beta is that you can configure default image alignment layout in posts, this means for every image you insert it will be automatically aligned as per the defualt style like border, alignment and margins etc

The only thing you need to do to set this default style of inserting images, is to insert an image once and then configure all the properties like image border, margins, alignment etc and once you done, click the link Set as default as shown in the image below.

9-22-2010 6-15-02 PM

Next time you insert the image it will automatically be inserted and applied with the default image layout you configured, but you can still change it. 

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