Set Animated Screensaver As Wallpaper In Windows 7

Many users love to change their wallpapers time to time in order to give a better look to their desktops and laptops. Some of them are very crazy about that and also love to have a complete stock of latest and updated wallpapers. But, earlier we only used to see plain and static wallpapers with simple images and pictures. Now, with the advancement in technology, everyone wants something dynamic to be added with the wallpapers too rather than having only simple and boring wallpapers. This is one of the feature in which windows had certainly lacked in and till date nothing has been launched with windows itself.

But now, with the help of one of the small and simple application which is known as Screen2Dream, the user can actually make these static and simple windows wallpaper go live. This small application is capable of setting the animated screensavers as wallpapers which would certainly be lot better than the static ones.


Screen2Dream comes as a freeware application that allows the Windows users to place the animated and dynamic screensaver (.SCR) files as the desktop backgrounds. Especially for a home user who generally purchases the computer for entertainment and multimedia purposes, are normally expected to put nice-looking wallpapers in the background of the desktop monitor. Earlier everyone used to set .GIF files as desktop wallpapers and it is not a big deal. But now, with the help of this small application which serves the purpose of entertainment, the user cannot place .GIF files as backgrounds but can also set screensaver (.SCR) file as the wallpaper which will run at the background displaying the whole animated wallpaper on the screen.

Now in order to try this smart app, you simply have to download it from the below given link and you don’t even need to install it. It is extremely minimal and simple to use as you just have to simply select a screensaver from the list which are already saved in your system and after selecting it you simply have to click the START button in order to activate it. In the same way, you can also select the other option available in the form of Autostart with Windows which will launch the Screen2Dream as soon as you starts your windows and it will set the selected screensaver as the desktop background.

Till now, from the response given by the users, this smart application is reported to work well with all versions of Windows however some of the users have reported that sometimes your desktop icons may not work properly when this is running. If such is the case with you too, then you may simply remove the tool else you may go ahead with it and you may use it.

Download Screen2Dream

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