Set and Change Windows 7 Desktop Wallpaper Fetched From Flickr

If you are fond of changing wallpapers frequently like I am then I have a tool for you which will help you search and change the wallpapers on your system automatically. This name of the software is Flickr Wallpaper Rotator. And as the name suggests the tool is capable of searching and downloading the wallpapers from Flickr which can be changed at regular intervals of time. The time interval after which we want the wallpaper to change can be specified in this software and it will automatically download and change the wallpaper. The changed wallpaper will be from the same category that was specified in the search.

WallpaperFlickr 1

This is the first window that will open up when you run the software after downloading and installing it. The software is very simple and easy to understand The first Option at the top of the screen is Rotate, Every option which has a text box in which we can enter any number, just to the left of this box from the dropdown you will have to select the proper unit of time. This unit of time specifies the time after which the wallpaper will change by itself. Just to the left there is a link which says Rotate Now, if you don’t like the current wallpaper then you can simply click the link the to get the new wallpaper. The next option is of the position of the wallpaper that you want, in this case you will have to select from the three options i.e. Centered, Tiled and Stretched anyone of these three options can be selected.

WallpaperFlickr 2

Next option is Photo Selection which has three options :-

1. Search – In this option you will specify the wallpapers that you want on your desktop in the Tags Text Box. Then to refine the search please select any of the two options according to your requirement Match all tags or Match any Tag. Then you will have to specify the Pick From Category Which has five options as shown above you can choose any option according to your requirement. You also have an option to specify a specific user name. In case you have to specify more than one word in any text box than you can separate the words by comma.

2. Show Favorites for user  – In this you will only have to specify the user name and then the user’s favorite photos will be used as the wallpapers on your desktop one by one.

3. Interesting Photos updated daily –  If this option is selected Flickr will automatically update the wallpapers of your desktop from the photos that will fall in that category.

After specifying the appropriate option’s press OK and then the tool will takeover. If you want the tool to start with windows you can check the option Start with Windows.

Download Flickr Wallpaper Rotator.

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