Service Commander Lets You Manage, Monitor Windows Services From Other Connected LAN Computers

Managing services in a computer system really looks like a tedious task specially for casual users. Although, earlier also various utilities and applications have been developed which are specifically meant for editing and managing these services, but the one that we are going to discuss today is distinct and have some extra features which are very simple. There are various utilities which are used for starting and stopping user-specified services directly from the system tray without having to open the Windows Task Manager or Service Control Manager which makes it easy even for the casual users.

As already mentioned, similar to such tools we are going to discuss a new application named as ServiceCommander, which is a pretty simple, easy to use, useful and a freely available tool that allows you to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume or Restart selected services on any computer on your network and that too from the system tray itself. As, we have mentioned it a distinct and special tool, by this we mean that it has special ability to control and manipulate services on networked PCs, which is surely a highly useful feature for many system/network administrators. This particular program allows the user to easily add services to the monitoring list, and also displays the control functions of each service in the system tray from where user may manipulate it anytime. It provides the features where user may start, stop or restart all added services at once, as well as direct access to the default Windows applications of Service, Event Viewer and Task Manager which is definitely a useful and helpful feature.


The application can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given below. After launching it for the first time, you may observe that it has Services and Options tab at the top, service list appears in the middle, while buttons to Add, Remove, Move Up, Move Down and Remove All appear on the right side, thus making it a nice and user-friendly interface. Now, in order to add new services in ServiceCommander, you need to click on Add button to access the Add Services window which will guide you further.

In this particular Add Services window, firstly you need to choose the computer from which you choose to add services and after this you off course need to select all the services that you would like to add. Similarly, the Options tab comes with different features which allows you to configure ServiceCommander startup behavior, Actions available in the Menu and other settings also.


You may observe that in the system tray icon, the running services will be denoted by a green dot before their name which makes it easy for the user to identify them. All these services can be controlled by right-clicking the application’s icon, selecting the application and choosing the desired action according to the need and requirements of the user. You may see that whenever a service is started, stopped, paused, resumed or restarted, a system tray notification popup informs the user regarding the success or failure of the desired action so that the user may know the current scenario and may take actions according to the current stage.

Download ServiceCommander

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