Send Video Uploaded On Google Docs As Email Attachment

As most of us know, google docs now allows you to upload video and you can share them with any one just like you might have done with google documents. But for a change if you don’t want to share a video using google docs and would rather want to send it as a email attachment like you do with other files, you can do it.

Follow the procedure below to know how to send a video uploaded on google docs as an attachment.

If you are not sure, how to upload a video on google docs, read our tutorial here

1. Once you have uploaded and opened the video in google docs, select the option under sharing settings to send the video as email attachment as shown in the image below.

1-8-2011 2-01-28 PM

2. Now enter the email id of the person to which you want to send this video as mail attachment.

1-8-2011 2-02-41 PM

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