Send Secure Private Message To Anyone As Email or Secret Status Update On Google+ or Google Plus

Google has recently launched google+ which seem to be rolling out to public registration very soon, right now its under field trial of some early selected users who are testing the service, but they are also allowed to invite others via email, now the user base is increasing at a very rapid rate and it will very soon hit 10 million users.

We have been posting about google+ since the day we joined it, you can read all our tips and tricks on google plus here. As a part of our series of tips on google+ today we will tell you how to send a private direct message to any one on google+ and the person whom you sent the message will receive it as email.

For you to send a message to the person via that person on google plus should have send email feature on his profile enabled only then you can send a message as private secure message, he needs to enable this option as shown in the image below. [ This option appears below the profile photo when you edit profile ]

allow email google plus

In order send a private message you will need to visit the profile page on google+ and then click Send Email button as shown in the image below.

7-12-2011 9-54-32 PM 

Once you click send email you will see the box where you can type the subject and your message and then send it directly to this person email id.

7-12-2011 9-56-36 PM

and below is how he will receive this message in email as shown in the image below.

screenshot of test message

Just in case of a person has not enabled this feature on his/her profile then you need to know the email id of the person in order to send it that message secretly to the that person on google+ or via email.

Sending Secret Message Via Google Plus Status Update

In this case you just go to the home page of your google plus profile, type in your secret message and then include the person with only you want to share this message with his/her email id.

google  status update private

Just in case the person with which you want to share this update is not on google+ or not your friend in that case you can type in your email address to send this private message. As you can see in the image below this update will be shared in limited way with only that person.

private google  message

You can also see the video below on how to send a private message on google+ as email.

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