Send Private Secure Message Via Internet Which Expires After Some Time [No Email Id Required]

Safety and secrecy of the messages on any information we share with our friends, relatives, or any official info we share at business or work over the internet can give anyone a nightmare. One thing that straight away strikes our minds is that what if the message is intercepted and second thought impels us to just leave the internet, pick up the phone, call the concerned person and just have a conversation with him. But, you don’t have to worry about this any more with

If you have carefully noticed in some 007 movies, James Bond often receives messages that self destruct after a few seconds of opening them.  Now, you can also do the same, you too can send self-destructing messages containing whatever sensitive information you need to convey, courtesy,

3 Simple Steps To Send a Self-Destructing Message :

Step#1 : On’s homepage, enter the message you want to share. Also, Decide how long you want to give the other person to view the message. You can set the message to self destruct after its first (or third—you name it) read or after set period of time. To enter a time less than an hour, use decimal points. Like, 15 minutes would be .25 hours, and 45 minutes would be .75 hours.

Step#2 : Click the red ‘Save my Secret’ button on the right end corner of the page.

step#3 : The next page gives a URL to your secret. Copy the URL quickly, then paste it in an email or instant message to share it with the person who needs to see your secret message.

Just 3 simple step and you are done with it.

The website’s developers/owners says, “We will not set any cookies, and we save no identifiable information. Once your secret has expired we purge it from our database and keep no archives.” is an innovative way to share sensitive information. But nothing comes with a 100% guarantee. However, feel a 007 experience with this online tool.

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