Send, Post Private Scrap On Orkut

Orkut team has finally launched some privacy features on orkut, Now you can post a private scrap to your friend. You can scrap a person both in two ways either that scrap will be visible to all which was used to happen earlier also but now you can choose the visibility settings while scraping a friend to make it private. If you make a scrap private, you will be able to see it and the person whom you are scraping can see it, no one else.


Not only this, from now on Every piece of content on orkut (a scrap, photo, video, etc) will be labelled with a privacy level, so you know who else is seeing it or not. Before sending a scrap or publishing an album you can select the privacy level you want for that specific content.

You can make more changes to your privacy settings, to make your life more easy with using privacy settings in orkut under settings 


These changes will make orkut a better place to network with people without affecting their privacy. Let us know your thoughts on these changes.

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