Send Print Commands From Mobile Phone Remotely

If you remember then few months back we mentioned about the Google Cloud Printing, we mentioned there that what really this feature is all about and we also stated that sooner you will be able to lay your hands on this feature. So from you will be able to give the print command to any of your document from any distance just make sure that the printer is installed in your account. The documents which are supposed to be printed should be available in Google Documents and from there you will be able to print that document.


This might seem quite small feature to you but let me tell you that it has just started and as far as my thoughts are concerned sooner the will be able to replace the transferring the documents through fax, you can print the document in any part of the world just make sure that the printer has been installed in your Google account and then you will be able to print your document kept in the Google documents at that printer no matter where it has been placed just make sure the printer is connected to printer anyhow.

They have released the beta version of this new feature and you will be able to use it on your mobile if you have got an Android 2.1+ or iOS 3+, the simple reason behind this is that your OS should be equipped with HTML 5 feature, which is very essential to use this new feature. The only setback lies till now is that while connecting your printer with the Google Cloud Print, you will need a Windows system but sooner they will be releasing the version of MAC and Linux.

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