Send More Than 5 Photos or Videos From Camera Roll Via Email From iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

There are times when you may want to share the lovely photos you have clicked with your iphone camera, at this time you would like to email those photos to any of your friend but ios allows limit the number of photos or videos or files you can send via email at a time.


It allows you to send maximum 5 photos or videos or both combined and the share button which allows you to email these photos gets disabled once you select more than 5 items in photos app as shown in the image below.


The simplest solution to this problem is given below, follow it to send more than 5 photos at once via default email client on iphone or ipad. In order to send more photos as once use the copy paste feature of iphone and copy 5 photos at once and launch the default email client and click to start a new email as shown in the image below.


Now keep on copy pasting 5 different photos by switching in between the email and photos app on your apple device.


We tested all this and emailed 13 photos at once from iphone to our email id using default email client, you can see the proof below, similarly you can send more than 5 photos, videos or both via email from iphone, ipad or ipod touch.

13 images sent from iphone

You can also refer try this $ 0.99 app called eMail Mania Lite which allows you to send more than 5 pictures at once. You can install it from this link

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