Send Longer Tweets More Than 140 Chars In Tweetdeck Using Service

I am a fan of tweetdeck since the day I started using it, although I still miss many features like undo and redo while typing in the status message box in tweetdeck interface, but that’s some thing I got to know cannot be implemented due to the adobe air framework.

2-9-2011 12-15-43 PM

Lets come to the point we have already posted about how can you post longer tweets more than 140 characters using tweetdeck, you can read it here, looks like tweetdeck latest version has incorporated this new feature with the help of their new service called integrated in tweetdeck.

2-9-2011 12-17-30 PM

As per the new release document by tweetdeck team, you can now post longer tweets with more than 140 characters using tweetdeck interface, people will be able to read it completely without being redirected to any new page as shown in the image below.

2-9-2011 12-38-15 PM 

Here you can read what more new features has been added in this new release [ Desktop Tweetdeck v0.37 ]. So, why are waiting, update the tweetdeck to get these cool new amazing features.

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