Send Link To Google Search Result Page To Your Friend

Many a times, when you do a Google search for someone who cannot do it at that particular moment for some reason then, after the completion of the search, you share that link with that person for whom you have done the search. Also, there are many people who do not search for their queries themselves on Google instead keeps you bugging, that you have to do the Google search for them to make them quite for some time.

Many of you might have noticed that when we search something on Google then, its link is very long in length and also consists of some random alphabets which does not have a meaning for a layman user. So, many a times, what happens is that the link breaks (may be due to missing character or some copy error or any other reason) while sharing.

And, all of us know that the broken link does not open on the web so, the search you made for someone becomes waste. Considering this problem, there is a website, which will provide the solution for this problem.

The website is mainly intended to help the users share their Google searches with others easily and successfully. The site mainly makes your search URL tiny compared to that of original Goggle search URL so that it can be shared easily without the fear of breaking. The website also provides the Google interface for helping you in making your search.

The process of making the search is really simple. You just have to write your search in the space provided and click ‘Google Search’. The website also provides you the option of ‘I’m feeling lucky’ just like Google to make your search more easy.

When you will press either of the button, to make your search then, below you will get a URL which is the original one. When you will mouse over on the link, you will be shown the two options below – tiny URL and go.


The option ‘tiny url’ will make the long original URL shorter so that it is easy to share just like this one.


The option of ‘go’ will take you to the Google search page with a list of websites related to your search just like this one.


Now, when the other person with whom you will share the search, will click on the link, he will also see the same Google search page which you might have seen and thought that it will help him.

So, the next time when someone asks you to Google something for him, you better try this one so that you will be able to provide him the result successfully with a short link instead of a broken one.


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