Send Link or Text From PC To Phone, Tablet Or Vice Versa

There are times when you are browsing some webpage on your computer in a internet browser like google chrome, firefox or internet explorer and you may want to send the link to the phone on which you may want to view the same webpage and view the same in phone browser. Today we will tell you all the ways with which you could Send Link or Text From PC To Phone, Tablet Or Vice Versa

One of the most traditional way I have already seen people sending links from Mac or PC to phone or phone to PC or Mac is via email, as they normally copy the link on phone or PC and send it via email and then open the email on PC or phone and then open in respective browsers.

Send a Link From Google Chrome To Phone

There are many ways which can let you send a link from a tablet, phone to pc and pc to chrome we will discuss all of them one by one, if we start talking about platforms like android, iOS we have extensions for google chrome called Chrome to Phone which can let you do the following.

  • Send browser links from Chrome to your phone.
  • Google Maps links launch the Google Maps application on Android.
  • YouTube links launch the YouTube application on Android.
  • Selecting a phone number will automatically launch the dialer with the number populated.
  • Selecting text on a Web page will copy the clipboard to Android (long press a text box to paste on Android).

Send Link or Text From PC To Phone, Tablet Or Vice Versa

For using this technique you will need to install the google chrome extension and the app from the android market place. Another thing you need to know is it requires a mobile phone running Android 2.2 ("Froyo") or later.  If your phone is running Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”), see Chrome to Mobile Beta extension here

Send a Link From Firefox To Phone

FoxToPhone – It will add the button to the toolbar at the right side of the URL bar, combined with the ChromeToPhone application for Android, this extension allows to send urls, text and files from Firefox to your phone or tablet. FoxToPhone uses the same Android app as Google Chrome

send link from firefox to phone

You can do the following things with this extension

  • send a Google Maps link and the Google Maps app from your phone should handle it
  • send a link to a YouTube video and the video should start playing on your phone
  • copy a phone number from a web page and send it to your phone
  • copy a short text from a web page (<1KB) and send it to your phone’s clipboard.

Send Link From Mac, PC To Any Phone Using Send Page to Phone

For this the best way could be site to phone – is a free service designed to send links and text from your computer to your phone or tablet. Once you have a Site to Phone account you can download a selection of extensions and browser addons that let you send information to your phone. Once your phone is setup you can receive the information by opening a homescreen app or bookmark. It supports almost all the devices as mentioned in the following image.

site to phone devices

Sign up process is really easy you just need to create a account or you can also do it without creating an account on the site to phone website

create email id login on site to phone

You can install the bookmarklet in case your browser you use does not support installing extensions.

site to phone 

In our case we were using google chrome so we installed the extension

send link to iphone from pc

Then we downloaded the app from the app store to iphone

Site To iPhone

Once the link is sent from the computer, we could see the same in iphone app for site to phone


Sending Link From Phone To PC or Mac

If we talk about sending a link from phone to PC or Mac that can also be done via Site to Phone app installed on your phone from iphone, windows phone or android phone, you can send the link and view those links on the site to phone website under My  after logging in with ID or account username and password as shown in the image below.

send link from phone to pc

On the phone app, you just need to copy a link and tap save on site to phone as shown in the image below.

save on site to phone website

Specifically for the android phones there is a solution which lets you send links from android phone to PC called android2cloud – it works in a reverse way as if chrome to phone works. After installing the Android app (available at the site and in the Market), installing the Chrome extension, and authenticating both apps through your Google. The extension can be found here. The application is listed in the Android marketplace as "2cloud".

Another app called Home to Phone [$0.99] – It also intelligently handles sending phone numbers from your desktop to your phone, making it the quickest way to make calls. In some cases, Home to Phone will automatically convert your links to mobile versions to make them even faster and easier to load on your device (such as App World and Google search links).

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