Send Google Plus Invites In Bulk To All Your Friends

Google plus has been growing very rapidly, as more and more people are joining it everyday, but still it is not yet public and invitation based, but today google plus team rolled out a new feature which allows you to invite almost all your friends easily by sharing an invitation link, clicking on which people can sign up for google plus.

This means that now all the existing or even new users of google plus can now invite 150 new users to this amazing new style social networking service from google, as the only thing you need to do is to share the invite link with your friends to invite to google+ rather than you requiring to type their email id, its much simple and easier now.

Just login to your google+ and on the home page, you will see the invite friends button in right sidebar in google+ as shown in the image below.

8-7-2011 1-04-38 AM

This invite link is linked to your profile which is will work for first 150 sign ups, as I am a user of google+ since it was launched, so for all those who have been requesting the invite for google+ here it is, click this link to get invited to google+

google  bulk invite

This link will take you to google+ page, which says sign in with a message saying Abhishek Bhatnagar invited to join him on google+ as shown in the image below, in case you would like to add me to your circles on google+, here to link to my google+ profile.

8-7-2011 1-01-12 AM

Just click on the Sign In button to be taken to the sign in form if you are not already logged in to your Google account.

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