Send Exe and Unsupported File Types in Gmail using Google Drive

Yes, as you might know already executable files are blocked as attachment in gmail, however there are many other ways to send the executable files in gmail emails as attachment and popular one includes renaming the exe file as .rar or .7z and then send them but the receiver needs to rename the file after downloading them to make the file work.

But today we are going to share a simple tip which tells you about how you can send a exe file using google drive as in this case you can upload a file to google drive when you compose a new email and once you do this you will need to share the file with the recipient email id in google drive, read on further to know more how its done.

Upload and Share Exe or Any File Type on Google Drive

Gmail now allows users to upload and share files via google drive, so in order to use this firstly you should have enabled or activated the new compose feature in gmail and once you compose a new email with new compose box, you will see the google drive icon which lets you upload a file while composing a new email.


Once you select the google drive option, you can upload a file which can be of any extension including it can be exe as well.


Once you upload a file, you will see in the email compose box but that does not mean that the receiver will be able to download the file from google drive as a file uploaded on google drive is private to you by default.


Now the receiver wont be able to download the file from google drive, unless you share the same with the person by opening google drive in other window but still they can request the access the file from the link to the file they are sent in this email.


But if you don’t want  this to happen at the first place, you will need to open google drive and edit the sharing permissions for the file on


You will need to select the file in google drive and then click sharing – then specify can edit, can comment or can view if you want the other person to download the file, you should select can edit.

Additional Tip: Similarly you can share any big file in gmail as attachment by using google drive – the max upload limit is 10 gb but the free limit per user is 5gb however if you upload a bigger file size you can pay for the additional storage you use for the file in google drive.


This is a pretty simple tip which could be helpful to send unsupported file types in gmail by using google drive for those files. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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