Send Copy Paste Text From iPhone To Computer Connected On Same Wifi Network [ For Jailbroken iPhones Only ]

There are times when you may want to copy or transfer some text from iphone to your computer, but there is no app on the app store that could make it possible unless you mail the text via email. But there is always good news and new scope for those who are using jailbroken iphone.

There is a new app called aEasyCopy has been released on cydia which allows you to transfer copied text from iphone to another computer provided both of the these devices must be connected to the same wifi network.


For any text you need to transfer to computer, you just need to write that text in aEasyCopy application or paste it in the app as shown in the image below.


Now visit the iphone URL as shown in the image above, and you will see the text you want to transfer from iphone to your computer as shown in the image below.

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