Send a Secret Message From Outlook With Bccthis Plugin

Bccthis is a free addon for outlook which allows you to send a separate discreet message or private or secret message with outlook, this simple free plugin will help you send some important message about which the recipient had no idea. [ as shown in the snapshot below ]


This plugin allows the following functions and key features

Message Creation – Quickly create an additional message to one or more recipients of your e-mail. Format the e-mail any way you like for additional emphasis


Minimize Bccthis – Keep Bccthis minimized when not in use to save space.


Safety – The recipients you did not select to receive the Bccthis message receive a normal looking e-mail, with nothing indicating the sender sent Bccthis information to other recipients.


Protect Your Private Messages – When you try to Reply-To-All or Forward a Bccthis message, you are reminded about the private nature of the message and given an option to only send the public content.


Select Bccthis Recipients – Simply click "Select Recipients" and choose only those individuals you wish to send the Bccthis message to. Only those selected will receive your private message.


Download Bccthis plugin for outlook | You can optionally check out Bccthis for twitter and blackberry


  1. Pete says

    Wow! imagine all the emails you sent to the wrong person when adding them to the bcc, this helps you avoid that too.

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