Select Text, Right Click and Tweet To Twitter [ For Google Chrome ]

There are times when you just want to tweet some text out of a webpage, TweetRight seems to be nice google chrome extension which helps you do this, it adds a right click context menu entry to send, share or post using your twitter id. A Fellow blogger Arpit has developed this useful google chrome extension, you can sent any feedback for this extension to arpit[at]

As shown in the image below, you just highlight or select the text and then right click and select the option to Tweet This


Once you have selected this option, it will open up a twitter page where you will need to sign in with a twitter id username and password, this is purely safe as it will sign you to twitter website page, you can recheck the URL in the address bar.


Once you have logged in with a twitter id, it will show you with a tweet preview and the page from where you have just selected and tweet this text will be added to the tweet as short link created by twitter itself.


Note: This extension is based in the twitter API, and seems to work fine but it requires google chrome 6 or above, in order to run this extension you will need to download google chrome beta from here and update google chrome on your PC

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