See, View Detailed Google Chrome History Of Yesterday, 2 Days ago, Last Month

Google Chrome has facilitated us with a number of options and extensions. The browser is very user friendly and we can work on it very conveniently. But if we talk about the chrome history viewer there are few problems. While using internet, we go through a number of pages in one minute only. So, there is a long list for the day. And all these pages are separately viewed in the History. And it is very inconvenient to look down for the desired page. So, today I would like review an extension named as History 2. It will help you to view the history in a desired format.

History 2 is a very small google chrome extension. The snapshot below displays the history after installation of the utility. As shown the web history is divided based upon the website the user has used. You can further go through the URL given in the sub headings. The history can be viewed through History 2 by Tools Menu –> History or you can press Ctrl + H. Actually, the general history viewer is replaced by this extension to view the history in a user friendly manner.

History 2 - Google Chrome_2011-06-16_17-08-20

Now, it is easier for you to look for the desired page. You don’t have to scroll down through the entire list. There are few other options also which makes the extension even better. The very first thing is that the history can be viewed based upon the last visit time, alphabetically or the number if visits. Further the differentiation can be based upon particular day history, you want to view, It can be either Today, Yesterday, (2, 3 or 4) Days ago, Last week, Last month or All History.

Beside every website there will be a number. It is the count of all the links related to that. Further there is a number in front of every link which displays the number of times, the link has been visited. Or we can say that the tool will give all the detailed information of the web history that too in a desired format. This will also help you to keep the record of the of some particular website if you want to.

So, the readers might be feeling that viewing web history is no more of a burden now. You can find the required link in few seconds and also the records are available in a more handy format. So, you can also save your precious time by History 2.

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