See detailed Browsing History For Safari Browser In Windows

Sometimes it becomes very important to have a detailed look on the webpages visited by the user in the past. For this, we know that almost every browser comes with history option which shows the information regarding the webpages visited earlier using that browser. Although, there are number of other utilities available which are used for the same purpose, but today we are going to discuss a similar utility which has been specially developed for Safari browser.

SafariHistoryView is basically a small and a simple utility for Windows that reads and parses the history file of Safari Web browser. It then uses this information and displays it in a simple tabular form. One may observe the interface in which every browsing history line includes the following information: URL, Web Page Title, Last Visit Time, Visit Count, Redirected To URL, and Record Index, which may prove helpful for users working in different domains. After viewing this information in the tabular form, it also allows you to easily export the browsing history data into text/csv/html/xml file according to your requirements.

You may download the utility from the link given below and it can be easily used on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7. Although, by default this utility reads the history file (history.plist) of the current user, which is created by the Safari Web browser installed on your system, but if you want to view history of some other user then you can also choose to view the history file taken from other systems.



One good thing about this small utility is that it doesn’t require any installation process or additional dll files to be added. You simply need to run the executable file – SafariHistoryView.exe downloaded from the below link in order to start working with this utility. You should make sure that Safari Web browser is installed on your system before using this application. If it is installed, then SafariHistoryView automatically locates your history file (history.plist) and displays your browsing history on the main window. It provides you options where you can also manually choose the desired history file, by using the ‘Advanced Options’ window (F9), if at all that serves your purpose. Once you load the desired history file, you can easily select one or more history items, and then as said earlier it provides you option to export them into text/csv/html/xml file by using the ‘Save Selected Items’ option.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility for the Safari users. So, if you want to try it out then simply download it from the below link and explore more of its features.

Download SafariHistoryView

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