Secretly Take Pictures Using The Webcam On Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

Today, I will be helping you with a tool with the help of which the camera embedded in your laptop will be able to take the snaps automatically at certain period of time. Now the first question might arrive in your mind that why to use this tool, for its answer let us take an example of the case if you want to know that who all are the other users who try to poke into your laptop when you are not around it.


You can take a look at the screenshot of the tool mentioned above. Now you will have to locate the location of the folder where all the taken snaps will be saved and then you are supposed to save the time periods after which it will automatically take the snap. This tool is some kind of a spy tool so it will not take your permission before taking any snap and you start this too.

It will minimize itself in the taskbar tray and till the tool is launched you can see the icon on the taskbar tray. In the application windows, you also have the option to minimize the size of the image by just reducing the quality of the image and the size of the image, as it might make your tool to response faster and do not make that storage folder too bulky. After configuring the tool, you can take a test snapshot and then start the capturing process.

Now if you want to keep a check on all the faces which try to poke into their system in your absence, then you can launch this tool and then lock your system, this way when any one open your system and tries to enter any password, then meanwhile a single snap will be taken by that tool. And getting back to your system just check the folder where all the images are stored. The size of this tool is around and it has been checked with windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So if you face any problem while using the tool then, please let us know.

Download Automatically take webcam Pictures

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