Secretly Record Entire Computer Screen, Application Snapshots At Regular Time Intervals

If you want to keep a check on any of the young ones at your home, especially what all stuff they do on computer, then we tend to keep some of the logger tool installed on the computer which might prove to be heavy and thus making the computer slow. I have a small tool for you, which can do the needful by taking the screenshot of the screen at a regular interval of time; you can call this tool as Automatically Take Screenshot Software and exactly does as per its name. In this post I will tell you that how you can use this tool.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above. After you install this tool, you will have to launch this tool which will take you to a screen mentioned in the snapshot above. Now you are supposed to specify the location which all the taken screenshots will be saved and then you can configure the tool for the quality of the taken image, you can reduce or increase the quality of the screenshot. Now if the quality is too high then it might disturb any user while on the computer, as while taking the screenshot, the computer may hang for an instant.


Keeping this point in mind you can set the quality of the image and then set the period of time after which this tool will take another screenshot. After putting all these values you can launch this tool and it will appear as mentioned in the snapshot below. After getting launched this tool will minimize itself on the taskbar tray and then it will be hard for the youngster to get notified by this tool. When you want to stop, just go to its content menu, open the tool and then click the ‘Stop Capture button’. The size of this tool is around and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any issues while using this tool then please let us know. You can use the link mentioned below to download the tool.

Download Automatically Take Screenshot Software

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