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We all need some password protected location where we can keep our private files and folders, this location we want to be password protected and not visible to other users using the computer. Secret Disk is one such free to use software which will let you create a separate password protected locked drive which is shown in my computer with all other drives.

This is the secret drive created by secret disk which can store any type of data you put into, the drive will be password protected and it can be hidden and will not be shown visible to other users when it is in the locked state.


The first time you run Secret Disk after installation it will ask for password, this password will be used to lock or unlock the disk which is going to be created as drives with drive letter X:


You should set the password which is easy to remember and easy to type – you can even specify four digit quick and easy to type passwords also.

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After entering the password it will open up X: secret drive with windows explorer, you can put your confidential data and then lock the drive ( as shown in  the image below ) and make it invisible by right clicking the system tray icon secret-disk-tray-icon  which is shown there when drive is unlocked state

Locking The Secret Drive


As shown in figure you can lock and still keep showing in secret drive in windows explorer by selecting the option in the above figure as Show in Explorer

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Unlocking The Drive

The program automatically creates a desktop shortcut to unlock the drive which you can either place in some secret place on your computer, double click the program shortcut named Secret Disk Icon ( as shown below )


After clicking the shortcut a new window will open up which will ask the password to unlock the secret drive.


Click Unlock and Enter the right password, and the secret drive will automatically open up in windows explorer after correct password has been entered to unlock the drive.

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