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Google Search is great way to search online for finding information of any type, and it is the first choice for many people out there because of its relevant search results. Google has already indexed a large number of websites on web, due to which for a simple but well know search keyword there may be thousands of search results.

In order to minimize the search results and make the first page search results, google offers a feature called search with in results – Lets understand this feature with an example.

Lets assume that you that you are searching for windows 7 tips and when you type windows 7 tips as keyword on google search, you get around 89,300,000 results which is quite huge.

windows 7 tips search

Now if you want to read all those windows 7 tips we had posted here on – you can choose the feature of google search at the bottom of the search page on google which says Search within results 


now add technix update to the existing search query and click the button search within search results


You will notice that the number of search results are now filtered with only those results in which both search keywords windows 7 tips and technix update had relevance. So the number of search results decreases to About 6,420 results.


Similarly you can filter out your search results for some other keywords. We hope you found this little tip helpful while search on google, you can check out more google related tips we had written before.

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