Search Similar Images On A Specific Website Using Google Search

Most of the users do not know about the [site:] operators which can be used to restrict the search results to a particular site. Now the best part about this operator is that this can be used with Google Images search also, so if you want to get a result from only a single website then this operator will really help you to do so. This operator was introduced quite a time back but then some changes have been done which will make your search easier, in this post we will talk regarding this in more detail.


Now if you search for a keyword in the syntax like [keyword site:], then it will search the images available related to that keyword on the specified website. Initially this type of search only revealed the images which have the name of the website in their URL, but now you can this operator will search all the images available on that website, no matter if they are of twitter or any other’s website. Once you get the results, just hover your mouse over any of the images and then click the ‘similar’ option as highlighted in the snapshot. This will make sure that you should get all the images as per your choice in the search results.

To make it simpler, let me tell you an example, if you search for an image on your blog and that image has been taken from twitter or I should say that the link of that image does not have the URL of your website then also this search operator will show it in the results sections. It is quite efficient as compared to the normal search conducted by users wherein the operator is not used and all the query is written in simple English. So, go for using this new trick to search the images and then let us know about your experience is you visualized a huge change in your search results.

I hope that you must have liked this new tip to search the images; it can be quite helpful if you are using it on websites where you will have to spend lots of time taking glance at all the images separately.

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