Search & Play Latest Hindi Movie Songs On Google Music India

What a tribute to India!!! I will really appreciate this initiative made by Google. Till now when only one country already has this feature enabled for them, then India is the second country which has its own Music search. India has always been known because of its music because of its great culture in music and the high interest of people for it made Google to think about establishing the search engine for Bollywood music. I don’t think that live music search websites are present these days, due to the threat from piracy and other to be violated rules these sites have never been successful, but now when Google has laid its hands on it then it will surely be a success and I am sure that people will be mad about this site from now onwards.


The screenshot of the site has been shown above where all the latest songs from different movies have been enlisted in thumbnail and then if you want to search any song then just enter the name, the name of the artist of that song or the movie name in which it was present. It will all the possible results and then show you like a normal search results. Then you can easily listen to those songs by clicking on their name, a new window will be opened in which that song will be played.


As per my perception, it will be a problem for all the movie album releasers as now people will not wait for the original CD release because once the music of that movie is released then it will present on the Google Music India. So , you need not wait for the CDs to be released and reach to you. If you have a good internet connection then you can easily listen to those songs clearly and in no matter of time we will also be able to download those songs (if we can download the videos from YouTube then this is nothing!!!! Winking smile). It is sure that from now onwards I will be enjoying that site and listen to all my favorite number while writing the blogs.

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