Search On Google From Internet Explorer Address Location Bar

There are times when you may want to search on google using the IE address bar just like you do in firefox or google chrome browser. However by default when you search from Internet Explorer address bar it uses bing as default search engine, but you can easily change it under Search settings in Internet Options.

4-10-2011 2-52-15 AM

Follow the procedure to set google as default search engine to use when you search from IE address bar or location bar.

1. Click on settings icon and select internet options as shown in the image below.

4-10-2011 2-44-49 AM

2. Under internet options go and click the button settings under Search settings as shown in the image below.

4-10-2011 2-46-19 AM

3. Now if you see google as search provider there, just click on it and set it as default search provider for internet explorer, or else you will first need to add it by clicking the link Find more search providers highlighted in the image below.

4-10-2011 2-48-24 AM

4. Once you set google as Set as default, click close button to close the search engine provider settings and then click ok button on internet options settings and you are done. Now you can search on google using the IE address bar.

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