Search MS Office Functions & Features Hidden In Ribbon [For MS Office 2007 & 2010]

When the MS Office 2007 was released, there were distinct reactions of various users due to the presence of ribbon inspite of the menu bar options. Many users like it as, every option available was displayed clear. Shortcut can be used more easily. At the same time, users came up with the difficulty that they are not able to find certain options required. And now we have MS Office 2010 also with the ribbon feature. So, it will be beneficial if the user can search the option. So, today I would like to introduce Ribbon Search for the users of MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010.

Ribbon Search is a free setup available of 1.20 MB only. The users have to simply download and install it. It will automatically appear at the top of the ribbon in the right corner. The snapshot below shows the option after installation.

Document1 - Microsoft Word_2011-02-15_08-16-31

Now, whenever you are not able to search any option you can easily find it. You have to enter the option in the ribbon search and press enter. All the option available related to the entry will be displayed to you in the drop down menu. The snapshot below gives an example for the search of option SORT. The two related results has been displayed. It displays the complete path and gives a brief description about the option.

Document1 - Microsoft Word_2011-02-15_08-18-22

Similarly, you can search any option easily. It will not only help you to search the path but sometimes you can use the brief description to understand the functionality of the option. The search will be displayed for you till you delete it. It will help you to follow the path easily. You don’t have to remember it. It will be beneficial if the user finds it difficult to recall the longer paths.

Also, there are few online options embedded with it. Click on the arrow present along with Ribbon Search. It will display certain options which will offer you the online availability of extra feature you might like to add-on. The Ribbon Search proves to be really a good option for the new learners as well as who thinks the ribbon feature to be a bit complex. So, have easy access to all the options available in MS Office.

It has been tested on Windows 7 and is compatible with all the other versions. Ribbon Search can be used for MS Office 2007 as well as for MS Office 2010.

Download Ribbon Search

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