Search Google Docs, Sites From Gmail Search Interface

Google gmail team has just launched a new lab feature in gmail, which is called Apps Search – It allows you to search through google docs and google sites connected through the same google account from the gmail search interface. If you enable Apps Search, you’ll see a list of results from Google Docs and Google Sites below Gmail’s search results. Once you configure this option the simple gmail search button will be changed with text Search Mails and Docs as shown in the image below.


Please note – As we have just tested this feature, Apps Search has a bug and returns incorrect URLs for Google Docs results, but I’m sure this will be fixed.

Here is a small snapshot showing the search results after this feature was turned on as shown in the image below.


Tip: If you want to search Google Docs and Google Sites only, without displaying Gmail results, add -type:mail to your query.

[ Source – Google Operating System ]

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