Search & Find Very Old Tweets On Twitter

We keep on updating our twitter account with the amazing tweets from time to time. These tweets proves to be sometimes important for us. Not only the tweets updated by us, but the tweets updated by the connection network is also important. And many a times it may happen that we like the ones updated by the person not in our network. In all the above cases, twitter history is one of the important tools to reach theses tweets at any point of time. But there is a certain limit upto which we can check the history. After a certain period, the past tweets are no more available to the users. So what is to be done in that case? We think the only option left with us is that either memorize if we think them to be important or leave them, we can’t recover. Both the options doesn’t sound good.

So, I would like to introduce an online service known as Snap Bird to solve the problem. Snap Bird is a web service which is used to search the tweets beyond the twitter’s history. It is not only about the tweets but it can also help you to search the messages. You can search for friends, followers or public.


The snapshot above shows the details to be filled to use the service. You would surely appreciate the feature that you need not to give the authentication if case of the search of public tweets. But if you have to search for your direct messages, you need to authenticate. The services provided by Snap Bird are search further back than 10 days, your direct messages search and users’ favourites. You are not able to avail the facility with the help of twitter history.

So, don’t you find find it easy and convenient to use. I found the service to be very helpful. Just enter the Search Type (Someone’s timeline, Someone’s favourites, Your friends’ tweets, Tweets mentioning you, Your sent direct messages and your received direct messages), the username whose tweets you want to search for and the search term. Only the three simple details are to be filled and it will present you the result really very soon. You will find the service very user – friendly.

So, no need to worry about the past tweets anymore. You can search the them whenever you want. So, access tweets beyond the twitter history.

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