Search, Find Changed Or Modified Files On Windows In Specific Time Interval

Generally, when we run a tool or if our system is affected by a virus then we are eager to know that which files which have been modified by this .exe file. It is really hard to identify those files manually and so we are here to solve this problem. Today, in this post I am going to introduce to a software which will help you to take care of all those file which have been modified under a certain period of time, read further to know about the full functionality of this tool.


You can see the snapshot of the tool posted above this paragraph, now if you want to know about the file which have been modified in last 20 hours then you will have to enter the time duration in the Time Modified Since block on the tool. After you do so, this tool will scan all the files which were modified in that duration on your system and then it will provide you the log in the system.

The files will be shown in 2 different ways, one of them is on the basis of the time on which they were modified and then another in the file list, in which they will be sorted as per their names. It has got ‘Options’ which might help you filter the results, by default it will show you all the files which have been modified and if you want then you can change it to folders also, SO, you can see all the files and folders which have been modified anywhere on you system. You can see the screenshot of the options window posted below the tool.


This tool is very small, around 15 KB and moreover this tool is portable, so you can inspect any system files with this just keep it in you USB drive. So, go for using this tool and please do write us, if you face any problem while installing or working with this it, just put down your comments in the comments sections and we will revert back in the same section. We might be able to help you as we have already used this tool. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that you will like this tool, keep reading and surfing.

Download FFT

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