Search & Find Apple App Store Apps Without iTunes or iPhone Needed

I just got an Android Phone and the first thing which I started to use on it was the Android Market as I wanted to explore about the new applications present in the market these days and honestly speaking I was happy to see all the reliable applications under a single site. Similarly Google has got a new extension which will help all the Apple lovers to browser their applications on Google Chrome quite comfortably, it will seem to you as if you are searching for the applications on your phone. In this post I will be telling you that how you can use this extension.


You can see the snapshot of the extension, here a big iPhone opens when you will click the icon of that extension. As usual this extension will be installed from the site itself and then you will be able to access it by clicking the icon on that address bar. You can browse the application as per their category on this huge window of the iPhone. If you want to install a game which is a Strategy Game then you are supposed to click the games category and then you can click go to the strategy sub-category which will list you all the games which are available under both the options, paid and free, so you can select any of them and then you can go for downloading that application which can be transferred to your iPhone later on. I hope that all the Apple lovers will love this application as from now onwards they will not have to roam here and there for searching the application for their Apple device.

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Apple application extension

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