Search & Find A Word In File, Documents Outlook Emails, Image, Media Info On Windows

This post will be very useful for all the users who do not have the regular practice to organize their files and folders on their system. Let me tell you that I am also one of them and so I know that the search utility available in the Windows Operating System is a lifeline for me, but frankly it really annoy me because of the less filter options and then it is quite slow as per the expectations. Now do not think that I might be having a slow system, my system is good and fast, the problem lies with the default search utility of Windows.


Now most of you, who do not use this default search utility frequently, might not find this tool useful or I should say that they will be quite comfortable with the default utility but you can take a look at this. You can this tool as Miner Mole, now this utility is considerably fast as compared to the default search utility of the Windows. You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned above. First of all using the indexer option you will have to create the domain for this tool under which it will search for all files.



As soon as you install and launch this tool, you will receive a message that will tell you that the database of the tool is empty so please index the files and folders. You can see the screenshot of the indexer mention above, wherein you can see that there different categories of files and folder which can be found on your system, select the type of the file which is supposed to be found using this tool. After indexing the database for the tool, you can click the search button, where you can again filter out the file with the help of its format. After doing all this, you will see all the files mentioned in the middle of the application window.


All these files have been filtered by tool on the basis of your selections, now you can enter the name or the keyword related to that file and then you will get your file. Though this procedure might seem long to you, but it is quite efficient. So now if you have anything important on your system, then this utility will search that for sure, and the time consumed by this tool while indexing and searching for the file is negligible (less than a second). The size of this tool is around 5 MB and moreover it is portable. This tool has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so please let us know if you face any issues

Download Miner Mole

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