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Many of us around the world use torrent for watching some movies, downloading some high definition videos (whose sizes are quite huge), and downloading some seasons as it is really difficult to find a good collection of videos or seasons for the direct downloading for free. In this post we will tell you about a utility with the help of which you can search for particular torrent over internet without opening any webpage.


I already know that there are many sites on which you can find large number of torrents, it is really difficult to list our each one of them but the number is really large, one of them which is quite famous is piratebay, the other one is monova or bt-junkie and similarly there are large number of sites which can help you to download the torrents but the worst part is that you will have to go to every site to search a single torrent.


This tool might help you to get the results from different site on a single list and thus saving your time a lot. You can see the screenshot mentioned above, you will just have to type the name of the torrent and then the list of the results will appear below it. Just double click any of the result and then you will get the list of the torrent names. Now by double clicking any of these you can download then and then use them. You can also filter your search with the help of the radio buttons available besides the search field.

The tool is good if you do not want to take pain of logging on to a website and then search for a torrent, but it is not that good because if you will compare the results of and this tool, then you will find that has got better search results as compared to this tool. Apart from that let me tell you that also does the same thing, it is also the combined database of many popular torrent sites or I should say that it is a common point for all of the popular torrent sites.

The size of this tool is around 2 MB and it is not portable. So, you can use this tool if you are a downloading freak. This is a stable build and it should work with all the version of Windows, please let us know if you face any issues.

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  1. Meena Bassem says

    remind me of one called (torrent search) but that one sounds much better
    thanks for sharing

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