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We have presented you a number of ways which will help you to manage your google chrome tabs. The wide variety of google chrome extension for handling the tabs ehlp you to select the one as per your convenience. As of now, you might be aware of the extension like to view all the current tabs in the browser. This might help you to search the required webpage also. But it still takes time which no one likes to waste. So, to make you aware about the better option, I would like review a new extension named as Snipe.

Snipe is a google chrome extension available free of cost. You can directly install it easily with the help of the link given at the end. Go to the webpage and just click on Install. It will be downloaded and automatically installed in few seconds. The snapshot below displays the application after installation. It will be present on the top right corner along with the other extensions.

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Generally, the users have a complain that when there are a lot of tabs in google chrome then they are unable to differentiate. So, after a couple of tabs they have to waste their time in just searching for the required one. So, Snipe is a very good option in that case. Simply type the few alphabets and it will start showing the result. And accordingly you can jump over that page. The dialog box given below will appear after the installation for your help.

Welcome to Snipe!_2011-04-26_15-32-03

The shortcut for the utility is Ctrl + Alt + Space. The snapshot shown below will be presented to you in the middle for your service. As soon as you start typing, the results will be displayed below. Press Enter when you got the correct page. It will transfer the control to the required page.

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If the user has just installed it, the utility will not be available for use. You have to first refresh the pages by clicking on Reload button present just after the installation. The application thus prove to be very useful. Not only useful, it also saves a lot of time of the users. I have tried for many other options but everytime I end up spending a lot time. But finally Snipe is actually designed as per the requirement of the individuals. So, install the utility and be tension free to open any new tab at any point of time.

Install Snipe

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