Search Across All Open Tabs In Firefox With Tabby2

Large number of browsers are available which provides different features and users choose their particular browser according to the needs, requirements and the features that the browser provides. One among these browsers is Firefox which due to its various distinct features is popular among users from different domains. If you are also using this browser then you might have experienced a scenario where you have lots of tabs open in the browser and you try to find ways to improve the browser’s tab management capabilities but can’t help it. Here, if we see deeply then the core issue which almost every user face is that part of the open tabs are hidden from view, and that it may take lots of scrolling to get there which looks like a tedious task for the user.

So, for such scenario although there are some of the built-in options which may prove helpful in handling or mitigating the issue, but still for a casual user it may appear a bit difficult. This solution can be obtained by altering the browsers minimum tab width on order to display more tabs at the same time. But, as we said it is not a proper solution for casual users. So, we present you with a small add-on which may prove to be lot helpful in this scenario.

The Firefox add-on Tabby2 is a nice, little and a useful add-on which offers different approach than the one discussed above. This extension which is present with your browser displays a complete list of all the open extension on the screen whenever the user uses its shortcut. You may observe that the list shown by this add-on displays all the open tabs at the bottom of the screen.


This add-on can be easily downloaded from the link given below and once you install it, than you may observe that only the tabs of the active Firefox window are displayed by it. You may also see the filter at the bottom of the screen which can be used to find specific pages quickly and it is really helpful for the user. This filter make use of the page title as well as of the web address.

Now, if we see how it works than we may observe that a simple left-click on the tab in the list switches automatically to that tab in the browser which the user wants to be displayed. Similarly, the other two which are the middle-click and the right-click opens a blank new tab in the browser or delete the active tab automatically.

You may see that these options highlight the keyboard shortcuts for creating (Insert) and deleting (Delete) tabs as well. The functions are only available when the tab list is open.


So, overall we can say that it is a nice little add-on which may prove to be helpful for you. Just Download it from the link given below and try it out for its features.

Download Tabby2

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