Screen Capture, Screenshot Taking App For Non Rooted Android Phones Using Windows or Mac OS

Android phones and the iPhone are the current market leaders with thousands of applications to download and play around with and are targeted at people from the laymen category to experts. When we talk about experts we mean people who install applications and review them, like we do so that readers do know everything about a particular application before downloading it.

While reviewing any application we always add some screenshots along with the text which give you an overview of the interface and functions of the same. Taking screenshots on an iPhone is far more convenient than doing the same on an Android device since the latter do not have any specific button combination for taking a screenshot. If your android device is rooted, which is equivalent to jailbreak in iPhone, we have a couple of application for taking screenshots but if your device is not rooted then we have to follow a tedious process.

So what we do for taking screenshots on non-rooted android devices? Earlier we did write and explained how to take screenshots on android using Android SDK and today we will be reviewing an app which is way too easier to use when it comes to taking screenshots. Known as No Root Screenshot It, the application is available on android market for approximately 221 INR.

No Root Screenshot It3No Root Screenshot It4

How To Take Screenshots On Non-Rooted Android Phones

Although it does demand us to follow some steps initially and to start with one has to download the particular USB driver for the android device from here to the computer and then after installing it just reboot your phone. After restarting your phone switch on the USB debugging mode which is located at Settings>Applications>Development.

Plug in your device using USB cable and when you are prompted for “Turn On USB Storage”, hit Cancel. Now on your Windows or Mac, download and install “Screenshot It Enabler” from here. Run the application on your computer and hit Screenshot It Enabler button after which you will be notified if everything goes right.

No Root Screenshot It Windows Enablrer

Once all has been done, you can now remove your android device from the PC. Now to take screenshots, just open the application and tap on the top most button Take Screenshot. Below the same is an option called Screenshot Delay where the number of seconds could be set after which automatically a screenshot will be taken.

No Root Screenshot It6No Root Screenshot It7

Supposedly you wish to capture an application’s interface so hit open No Root Screenshot, select Take Screenshot and quickly switch to the page of which the screenshot is to be taken. The second countdown will get activated and the moment it comes to zero a screenshot will be taken and previewed immediately, which could be copped or saved from the preview screen only.

No Root Screenshot It9No Root Screenshot It10

You can pin the app to status bar, change the file format of the screenshot, change the save directory and also you can select an option where a shake of your phone will be enough to take a screenshot. This is way too simple to use than any other process and is worth the money the developers’ asking.

Download No Root Screenshot It – [Android Market]

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