Schedule Windows Tasks When Some Event Takes Place

Do you want to automate your system to perform task one after the other at a particular time or at the occurrence of a particular event. Then I have got an application named When Then for you. The application will monitor the program specified by the user and perform the required action when the program reaches a particular state. The tool is very useful as well as important as it will let you automate the tasks that you want to perform when a particular task is initiated or stopped. For example, you can start your windows media player as soon as the songs are downloaded, you can remove the torrents after they are downloaded or put another torrent in queue after one is over.

WhenThen 1

This is the first window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software does not require any type of installation it will run directly from the exe file. The window which will open has two links specified by two words i.e. When and Then.

WhenThen 2

When you will click on the When link above window will open which will give you three options to select an Event from Window, Process and Time.

WhenThen 3

In case of the first option that is the Window option you will get the option to select from all the windows that are open when you will click on the window link.

WhenThen 4

The above window will open which will give you an option to select the window you want from the various windows that are open in your computer.

WhenThen 5

This window will let you let you select the process that you want to as an event from this window.

WhenThen 6

The time window will let you specify the date and time at which you want the required process to complete. There is also an option to enter the time you for which you would like to wait before you would like the software to start the process in the Elapsed time box.

WhenThen 7

The above window will help you to choose the action that you would like to perform once the event occurs and it can be specified in the Action window in any of three tabs i.e. Quickies, External and Window Session. Quickies section will not do any specific task but it will only display a message that you would like to see as an intimation that the task has been completed.

WhenThen 8

The External tab will give you the option to run an external application on the completion of an event.

WhenThen 9

The Windows Session tab will give you an option to perform the operation with the windows session.

Download When Then.

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