Schedule Tweets To Send Them Later To Twitter With TweetSched

TweetSched is a free application which lets you schedule your tweets on your twitter account, all your tweets will be stored securely stored on your desktop until they are sent up.


This simple application can help you make announcements, post up quotes or even tweet something when you are sleeping and not actually tweeting. [ as shown in the application snapshot shown above ]

Some Key Features Of This Utility

  • Secure – TweetSched uses Twitter’s OAuth authorization interface to securely identify your access credentials. This means that you never tell TweetSched your username or password.  
  • Simple – TweetSched’s interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Simply type in your tweet, and select a date.
  • Private – It is much better than those are internet websites, and though they may not store your twitter credentials, they do store your scheduled tweets on the other it does this in  secure way.
  • Social – Find tweets that you want to post by using TweetSched’s Find Tweets To Post feature.  Tweets that others have suggested are presented in categories, and you can easily add these tweets to your own schedule.

Note: It requires Windows XP or later (2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7) and .net Framework 3.5

Download TweetSched

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