Schedule Theme, Wallpaper Change In Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones [s60 5th Edition]

Do you like changing themes or wallpapers of your mobile phone very often? Well if you ask me I m a kind of gadget freak who always tries to keep his phone screen look appealing and often change the theme and wallpaper whenever I am out to visit a place or attend classes or events. The reason behind is the sheer attention you get from people who are attracted towards your phone’s theme or wallpaper.

This is not end as when some stranger asks you to send the respective theme or wallpaper it just makes you feel proud of what you searched over the internet and added to your phone. But the point is that nobody desires of changing wallpapers and themes frequently since it is not the type of task one wishes to perform over and over again everyday.

So what can you do about it? Nokia Ovi Store is availing an app named as Theme Scheduler which lets you schedule the change of wallpapers and themes selected from the list present on your device. The automated scheduler weighs 0.15 MB and for the first download, it comes with with a 95 day trial and can later be purchased for an affordable price of Rs.25.


The app has two key features which make it unique:

  • Schedule wallpaper or theme change with TIMER
  • Schedule wallpaper or theme change with PROFILE CHANGES

Interface is simple, and scheduling is even simpler. You just need to create a new schedule by selected either Profile Change or Timed Change option. Selecting the first option will take you to a window asking the theme or wallpaper and the profile you wish to change make these changes with. Simple enough? The second option simple once again and as it asks you theme or wallpaper, the days you wish it to be activated on and the time.

We hope it is useful enough for you and to download the same follow the link below.

Download Theme Scheduler – [Nokia Ovi Store]

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