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Generally when we use our printer-cum-scanner to scan a document the document then usually the default format for the scanned image is either JPEG or BMP i.e. image formats and some times we want that our document should be scanned in PDF formats as it is a document formats and usually we prefer to save all the unchangeable documents in PDF formats. So, today we will be solving your problem by reviewing a very smart tool which can do this for you in the most simplest form and then name of this tool is Win Scan 2 PDF.

Let me tell you the most important feature about this tool that you will not have to do any conversion it is very much like a plug-in for your printer which will help you to directly scan your document in PDF format. This tool can be really useful for the users working at offices at all the documents are supposed to be scanned and then mailed in PDF (though it is not mandatory but its better).


I already mentioned that this tool is very simple to use and this can be seen from the snapshot shown above. You can see that application window of this tool consists of only three options. Here, in the select source option, you will have to select the printer which has been attached to the system. When you will press this option, a list will appear in which all the printers will be enlisted. Now when ever you will use that printer cum scanner to scan your documents or anything else, then it will automatically give you the output of that scanned image in PDF format. Just press that scan button and then you will get you document scanned.

The zipped size of this tool is around 25 Kb, so now you can see that how light this tool is and moreover this tool is also portable so just keep in your pendrive and when you want your images to be scanned in PDF format just attach that USB drive (containing this tool) in that system and then follow the steps mentioned, you will easily get the desired output of your scanned images. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I think i really helped all the office today. Use it n Enjoy !!!

Download WinScan2PDF

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