Save Webpage URL Link To HTML File With HTMtied

Sometimes, you need to save some URLs or links for future use. Normally, this is done by saving them as favourites or by simply bookmarking them in the browser. But, if you bookmark them in a browser, then we know that it will be available only if you open that particular browser. So, it may not prove to be very useful when it comes to saving the URL. For this, we recommend you one of the small tool which can help you in this situation. It can serve this purpose by saving not only the URL but a small HTML file which can then be opened in any of the browser.

HTMtied is a small, very useful and yet simple tool to create an HTML file for any website links or URLs in an easy way which can be further used by the user at any point of time. HTMtied automatically and instantly converts any of the Internet address which is basically a link or a URL to a very small HTML file that when opened in any browser, it will automatically load that address. It means that it is not at all required to open the file in the same browser all the time, rather the user can open this file in any of the browser.






If you want to try out this small tool, then you may download it from the below given link. After downloading there is no need to install it, rather you may observe that this small utility does not have any interface as such, but its very easy to use and works instantly. For this, you just need to copy the link or URL which you want to convert to HTML and which you want to save for further use. After copying the link, you will observe that it will be available in the clipboard, and then you need to paste it anywhere. What you need to do is to just simply run the HTMtied.exe file. After running it, you will observe that it creates an HTML version of the URL internally and till now you won’t be able to see it as there is no UI for the app. So, as the last step and to complete the process we just need to paste it on any location in our computer and there it will be available as an HTML file.

So, overall we can say that HTMtied is one of the best free tool available to create an HTML version of your URL for future use and that too in a very easy way. The app is portable and as said above, it does not require any installation. So, try it by simply downloading it from the link given below.

Download HTMtied

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