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Everyone wants to be super-secured when it comes to the important files and data. For this, various ways and methodologies are incorporated to be on the safer side. But, still along with all the precautions and measures, one should always take a complete backup for all the important files which contains important data. Although, there are many utilities available on the web which can be easily downloaded and used for the above mentioned purpose. But, the utility that we are discussing today is little bit different as it has several distinct features as compared to the other utilities of its kind.

This tool can be a real help for you if you have your account on Gmail and if you are using it. File Bunker is a small, easy to use, helpful and a freely available tool which allows you to take a complete backup of all your files to your Gmail account. As mentioned above, it is basically a freeware and portable backup application developed specially for Windows based users and it uses one or more Gmail accounts as a free, offsite backup repository for all the important files containing data. Once you have taken the backup, you also need to restore it back at some point of time in future and thus for this it comes with a features which is a restore option where you can restore your files back to desktop from your Gmail account, whenever you want them. One thing must be clearly noted here is that all the restrictions implied on Gmail account will be enforced here as well and your storage size depends on the free space available in Gmail account, thus restricting it with constraints already implied for your Gmail account.


This tool can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given at the end of this article but, before even using FileBunker for backing up your files, it is very important and essential to configure the application. We will tell you how to configure it. You just need to follow some simple steps which starts with choosing the Configuration option from the File menu. After this, you need to specify a distinct password which you may remember easily, for the app and also the SMTP server which needs to be used for sending the email. Now, what you need to do is to add your Gmail account by adding the user credentials i.e. the username and password of your Gmail account.

After configuring the FileBunker, now you are ready to backup your important files. In the main window you can see two tabs which are basically the two important features of the app: Backup and Restore. Under the backup tab, you can see an explorer view of your files, select the files and click on the backup button and then it will automatically start backing up all the selected files.

Similarly, the other one i.e. the Restore tab shows you files that are in your backup repository or on your Gmail account. So, through these files, you can navigate to any file or folder, select it, and click the Restore button to retrieve it back onto your system. But remember one thing, that if you are restoring a single file, then you will be prompted for a name to restore the file. On the other hand, in the case of restoring multiple files or one or more folders, you will be prompted to specify a specific folder into which you need to save all the restored files.

So, overall we can say that File Bunker is really a very useful backup tool which uses your Gmail account and provides you with a complete back-up for all your important files and folders.

Download File Bunker

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