Save Time By Creating Gmail Compose Shortcut On Your Computer Desktop

Whenever you need to create a mail in gmail, you can click the compose button shown in left sidebar of gmail interface, but what if you need to send so many mails, In such a case you need to click this button everytime you need to compose a mail and you will also be required to keep the gmail interface opened in your internet browser.


Today we would like to tell a simple but useful tip, with which you can quickly compose a mail anytime you want irrespective that gmail interface is already opened in your browser or not.

In order to quick compose a mail in gmail, you can create a desktop shortcut for gmail compose function call, follow the procedure to know how to create it.

1. Right click in the empty area of desktop and select new >> shortcut as shown in the image below.


2. Now copy and paste the following path in the target box

as shown in the image below


3. Now give name to your shortcut, just like we did as shown in the image below


4. Once you have this desktop shortcut created, each time you double click this shortcut, it will open the gmail compose page directly without any additional clicks. However you will need to login with your gmail username and password, if you are not already logged in gmail in your internet browser.

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