Save Text Inside Images With SteganographX

We have previously talked about how to Hide Your Data Inside BMP, PNG and TIFF Image, Hide Your Data Inside BMP, PNG and TIFF Image and another trick on Hide Your Files Inside Another Files and some other applications like SteganoG

SteganographX is another easy to use tool which allows you to hide text in bitmap image, text will get saved inside bitmap pixel information for this bitmap image will change a bit which is unnoticeable in BMP’s with 16, 24 or 32-bit c


In order to hide the text in a loaded image, type the text in the text box embedded in application interface and then click Encrypt. Same way you can load a encrypted image and then click decrypt to get the read the hidden text inside the image. 

Download SteganographX | Similar Freeware Tools – Concealer | ImageHide

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