Save, Sync or Store iPhone Notes In Gmail, Yahoo Mail Inbox From Your iPhone

When Apple released the new iOS 4, it pushed out a lot of new features to all the supported devices – iPod Touch (except 1st gen), iPhone (all gens), and the iPad. One of those features is the ability to save your notes online on your email account via IMAP. For example, if you add your GMail or Yahoo! Mal account to your mail app via IMAP, you can enable saving of notes online.

All you have to do is to go to the settings for your email account, and flip the switch next to ‘Notes’ and turn it to ‘ON’. After you do this, all of your notes are synced to your email account automatically.

In GMail, a label called ‘Notes’ is created in your email account. All the notes from your iOS 4 device are synced to your account as conversations, and are marked with the label ‘Notes’. These notes are read-only from your GMail account, and can be edited only on your iOS 4 device. The changes are automatically reflected in GMail.

The drawback of this feature is that it requires you to choose between syncing your contacts or notes to your email account. You can only sync one of these at a time, not both together. A workaround to get over this would be to create a mail account as well as an exchange account (for the same email address) with different overlapping features – one can have contact syncing enabled, the other one can have support for syncing notes.

(Hat Tip : Google Operating System)

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