Save or Remember Process Priority In Windows

There are times when you may want some process in windows to run faster, before other less important processes, in such case you would need to set the priority of those processes in Task Manager which you want to take more CPU and other resources so that they complete first and faster than other processors.

Windows allows you to change the priority of process by using Windows Task Manager, you just need to open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then click the Process tab and then right click on the process and select set priority level for a process.


But the main issue with windows in settings the priority of process through the method above is that windows forget these process priorities once you restart windows.

Prio is a free to use utility which solves this problem by adding a new option "Save Priority" in "Set Priority" menu in Task Manager. It also adds some extra options in Task Manager, described below.

  • Adds another new tab TCP/IP which shows all established TCP/IP connections and all open ports
  • Adds a new option "Silent Elevation" which allows you to execute a software with administrative privileges


This application works for all version of windows including windows 7, we have just tested it on Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition. Moreover this program is also available for 64 bit versions of windows.

Download Prio 32 bit Version | 64 Bit Version

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