Save Movie, Video Clip Frame Scene As Images

Capturing images and taking screenshots is a very common and also very easy task for most of the users. But, if it comes to capturing images while watching a video then definitely it can become a tedious task for its users. Although, various utilities are available for this purpose which may prove to be useful for the users but still sometimes you may end up in taking totally black snapshots and may feel frustrated. You might have observed that most Windows programs do not have the option to capture images while watching a video. Thus, it is better to have a program or a utility very similar to the one which we are going to discuss today, that does the same thing, capture images of your videos.

Video Image Grabber is basically a small-sized, easy to use, useful and a freely available application which has been specially developed and designed for capturing the images while watching the videos on your computer system. One more thing that it’s a portable application, and capturing images from your videos using this utility is really a very easy task.

This application can be downloaded and installed very easily from the link given at the end of this article. After installing it, you may directly run the app and you may observe that this application allows you to take almost any video capture that can be played by Windows Media Player on your system and that too in a very easy and simple manner.


As already mentioned, you often require these kinds of image capture and various screenshots from your videos in order to include them in your presentations and documents. Along with this, one more fact which is equally true is that sometimes making a simple screen capture does not work, because you’ll end up with a black image which we have already mentioned. Thus, keeping in mind all these scenario, we recommend you this Mangold’s Video Image Grabber which as already mentioned allows you to make snapshots from almost any video which can be played in your Windows Media Player and that too very easily and simply.


It allows you to play any file format like MPEG , AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV and along with these popular formats it also allows several more formats. It provides you a functionality through which you may play the video at any position from where you want to capture the image. In order to do so, you need to press the camera button for capturing and saving the selected image. You can choose the location on which these screenshots are to be save on the hard drive.

So, overall we can definitely say that Video Image Grabber software is a nice little utility which helps you to grab the images from your favorite videos. So, in order to try out this utility and to explore its features you may download the Video Image Grabber from the below given link.

Download Video Image Grabber

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