Save Movie Or Video Scene As Image

Sometimes you have to take screenshots of the movies and videos on the computer screen in order to make a presentation for a meeting or a conference to explain your view point in a better way. Today I have got an application named SceneGrabber which will help you to take screenshots from movies or videos. The application is a freeware and is very simple and easy to operate.

The application can help you to capture manual as well as automatic frames from the movie and join them to form a single JPEG image. You can add additional information to the images like moviename, resolution, codec-info, movielength and time when the sceneshot was taken. The application supports a lot of movie formats and you can also use various local codecs installed for this application. You can also configure settings like height, width, color, font and many more things.

SceneGrabber 1

This is the first screen that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has four toolbar option i.e. File, Settings, Capture Engine and Help. Below the toolbar there are various buttons that are present. The buttons are for stopping, playing the video, forwarding to the next video, going back to the previous video, switching to next video and switching back to the previous video. Then there is a button to control the volume, take single or multiple screenshots. There is also a button which will show you the details about the video or movie that you are playing like time and frames. The application is divided into two sections the bottom section is for all the screenshots that are created. he bottom section also has an icon bar on the right hand side which has buttons for delete selected scene, delete all scene, options, edit sceneshot image, save sceneshot image.

SceneGrabber 2

The File menu has options like Open File, Batch Files, Batch Files Using Profile, Close, Close and Clear Screenshot, Options and Exit. The Open File will open a single file for you. Using the batch files option you can open multiple files in the application to take the sceneshots.

SceneGrabber 3

The Settings menu has options like Check for updates, Remind last saved path, Generate screenshot filename and Autoplay movie. All these menu option are checked b default in the application you can uncheck these applications depending upon your requirements.

SceneGrabber 4

The Capture Engine has three options Internal, FFmpeg and MPlayer. You can select the any of these option depending upon the codec that is being played in the application.

Download SceneGrabber.

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